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A common problem cited by companies interested in designing, developing or commercialising a new product for the healthcare market, is that they do not know how to go about finding relevant experts within NHS Scotland and/or other potential collaborators associated with the healthcare industry.

To help address this the Life Sciences Industry Leadership Group asked Scottish Enterprise and NHS Research Scotland (NRS) to develop a searchable landscape tool that would help companies quickly and easily identify expert groups that form the Scottish Health Research & Innovation Ecosystem.

You can either search the database by:

  • using Development Stage (i.e. Idea/Invent; Develop; Test; Sell) of interest
  • using the Technology area of interest
  • and using the Therapeutic Area of interest
  • there is also a keyword search functionality

More detailed information about data, search capabilities and strategies are available on the help page.

This directory has been developed on behalf of the life sciences community in Scotland as represented by their industry leadership group with the support of Scottish Enterprise, NHS Research Scotland and Chief Scientist Office.